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High drug costs are here to stay
Even as Medicare and Medicaid and private health plans are getting over the shock of paying $1,000 per pill for a drug that cures hepatitis C, the FDA is expected to approve this summer two cholesterol-lowering drugs that will likely have payers wishing for the good old days. In clinical trials...[MORE]
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Article 2073 Heavier drinking on the rise
Heavy drinking among Americans has increased sharply, up 17.2% since 2005, and researchers say in some counties 25% or more of the people are binge drinkers. The percentage of Americans who drink has not changed, however. Those who drink are drinking more, with binge drinking among women up ...[MORE]
Article 2072 Hospitalized at home
Providing health care at home has long made sense, but it has never made financial sense. That too is now changing as a variety of pressures force hospitals, payers, and patients to accept new ways of delivering and accepting care. The New York Times recently highlighted the state of the ...[MORE]
Article 2071 Robots doing the heavy lifting
Healthcare workers in a growing number of facilities in the U.S. are getting used to the sight of rolling electronic porters using elevators to move from floor to floor, hauling drugs, linens, and lab results. The robots are as reliable as robots. Meet Eve, one of 25 such autonomous robots at ...[MORE]
Article 2070 Worker injuries to be made public
OSHA is expected to issue a final rule this year which will require employers to report workplace injuries electronically so the data can be made public and easily accessible to anyone. “Under the proposed rule, employers would electronically transfer worker injury records to OSHA. The agency ...[MORE]
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