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SC comp developments
The National Council on Compensation Insurance Inc. has filed for a 1.9% increase in the advisory loss cost rates in South Carolina, effective September 1. NCCI explains the proposed overall 1.9% increase is partly due to an increase in the state's average weekly wage and an 8.4% increase in...[MORE]
Articles of Interest
Article 2107 Mark your calendars for Safe Patient Handling educational programs
The safe handling, transferring, and mobility of patients and residents is a major concern due to the risk of injury to both patients/residents, and healthcare workers. Astute observers recognize we need new concepts and tools to prevent and manage these types of injuries with innovative ...[MORE]
Article 2106 Healthcare Huddles: Collaborating Within the Captive
On Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at the William L. Yates Conference Center at SCHA, PHTS will host Healthcare Huddles: Collaborating Within the Captive, a workshop for PHLIP liability program members. Through shared member practices, expert communication advice, and national healthcare huddle ...[MORE]
Article 2105 Generic names for infants lead to errors
Using more specific names for newborns may reduce hospital errors by roughly a third, according to a study reported by HealthDay. Hospitals frequently identify newborns by generic names such as "Babygirl Jackson" or "Brendasboy Jones" instead of the names parents give them. The reason: A ...[MORE]
Article 2104 Criminals account for most healthcare data breaches
The Fifth Annual Benchmark Study on Privacy & Security of Healthcare Data by the Ponemon Institute shows that, for the first time, criminal attacks are the number-one root cause of healthcare data breaches. The Ponemon Institute calculated a 125% growth in these attacks over the past ...[MORE]
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Healthcare Huddles: Collaborating Within the Captive

Safe Patient Handling Champions & Coaches Webinar

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Palmetto Hospital Trust (PHT) provides workers' compensation to the not-for-profit healthcare industry. Through an agreement with PHTS, the Trust focuses on risk management and reducing the losses of its members.