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Rates reduced, refunds of more than $1.35 million
Palmetto Hospital Trust will refund eligible members more than $1.35 million in 2018, while reducing payroll class code rates by 1.5%. With the most-recent refunds, Trust members will have received a total of $42.6 million between 2007-2018.

The Risk Authority Stanford Global Service Center (TRA GSC) management representatives will deliver the refund checks to eligible members during the first quarter of 2018. According to policies approved by the PHT board, only members participating in the Trust on the date of distribution are eligible to receive refunds. Additionally, to allow for loss development, the Trust’s refund policy provides for paying refunds to members over a period of years. The refunds approved by the board at its November 2017 meeting are based on Trust participation and claims experience in 2012-2015.

Larry Gray, AIC, chief claims & risk management officer at TRA GSC, says “Refunds and rate stability are attributable to members’ continued focus on preventing lifting injuries, emphasizing transitional duty programs, and prompt reporting of claims, as well as significant improvement in slips, trips, and falls prevention through Trust members’ Walkway Auditor programs.”

Along with providing specialized risk management and claims administration services designed to address the unique needs of the healthcare industry, TRA GSC remains committed to providing educational and information services to keep Trust members abreast of key developments. These are provided at no additional cost to Trust members. For more details, contact Larry Gray at lgray@theriskauthority.com or 803.731.5300.