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Register now: 15th Annual PHTS Medical Staff Leadership Advance
These are certainly not the best of times for physicians. Perhaps no segment of the healthcare industry is under more pressure to both control costs and improve outcomes, while simultaneously heeding demands from payers, regulators, and empowered patients. Virtually everything in the physician’s...[MORE]
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Article 2212 Aflac recognized for technology excellence and leadership
Aflac recently announced that the company has received IDG Enterprise's 2016 Digital Edge 25 Award for its innovative One Day PaySM initiative. With One Day PaySM, when an eligible claim is submitted via SmartClaim by 3:00 p.m. ET, Monday-Friday, with all supporting ...[MORE]
Article 2211 New mileage reimbursement rate
The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission recently posted a notice on its website stating that: “Regulation 67-1601 A (1) provides the expenses incurred for travel to receive medical attention which shall be reimbursed to the claimant are mileage to and from a place of medical attention ...[MORE]
Article 2210 Evaluating and achieving an effective healthcare security program
By: Kenneth Bukowski, VP, Healthcare, AlliedBarton Security Services The healthcare industry is very dynamic. As a result, existing programs that seem “good enough” are often overlooked to focus on more demanding needs. Even if you’ve already implemented changes to your security program, ...[MORE]
Article 2208 Patient care getting safer
A report released in December by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality shows between 2010 and 2014 an estimated 87,000 fewer patients died in hospitals, and nearly $20 billion in healthcare costs were averted because of declines in hospital-acquired conditions. Hospital-acquired ...[MORE]
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Palmetto Hospital Trust (PHT) provides workers' compensation to the not-for-profit healthcare industry. Through an agreement with PHTS, the Trust focuses on risk management and reducing the losses of its members.

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