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The GOP healthcare bill
House Republicans passed a bill in early May that, among other changes, would slash funding for Medicaid, allow insurers to charge older customers even higher premiums than under current law, and give states the option to seek a waiver that would permit insurers to sell scaled-back health coverage...[MORE]
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Article 2439 Insurers signal mounting troubles
Insurers in several states with early rate filings for consumer marketplaces are asking for double-digit hikes which exceed 50% in some cases. Some insurers have indicated they might withdraw from the exchanges unless they have guarantees they will keep receiving federal subsidies that help ...[MORE]
Article 2438 Eyes open during surgery
More patients are choosing to stay awake during surgery in part to avoid the expense and risks of anesthesia, reports the New York Times, adding OR teams are still adjusting to this unexpected development. “For a thousand years, we talked about the operating theater and in recent years ...[MORE]
Article 2437 Payment upfront
The news agency Reuters recently highlighted some hospitals who are asking for payment upfront because of mounting unpaid bills from insured patients, a group that had previously not raised red flags. “The ACA extended insurance to 20 million Americans, which initially helped hospitals ...[MORE]
Article 2436 Another blockbuster drug?
A rigorous two-year study, said to cost $1 billion, found the cholesterol-lowering drug Repatha significantly reduces the chance that a high-risk patient would have a heart attack or stroke. The results were published in March in the New England Journal of Medicine and presented at the ...[MORE]
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Palmetto Healthcare Liability Insurance Program (PHLIP) was founded in 2001 in response to the growing need for a stable source for professional and general liability insurance for South Carolina hospitals and health systems. Operating as a risk purchasing group pursuant to the Liability Risk Retention Act of 1986, PHLIP serves its members by providing access to group self-insurance options as an alternative to commercial insurance. PHLIP currently offers its members group self-insurance alternatives for healthcare professional & general liability and medical stop-loss coverage.