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PHLIP achieves 100% renewals
We are pleased to report that all eligible members of the PHLIP liability program have committed to renewing their membership for the 2016-17 policy year, a strong sign of support and loyalty. “Thanks to PHLIP SP members’ accomplishments in risk management, we are able to deliver competitive...[MORE]
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Article 2341 ECRI monograph: Spotlight on Wrong-Patient Errors
Healthcare workers may think identifying their patients in the hospital is a simple enough task but thousands of patients are still misidentified, sometimes suffering harm and death as a result, according to a recent report from the ECRI Institute. The non-profit safety organization reviewed ...[MORE]
Article 2340 CDC awards $26 million for healthcare improvements
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has awarded $26 million to support applied research at five academic medical centers as part of a patient safety effort known as the Prevention Epicenters Program ([MORE]
Article 2339 A better way to assess surgical skills
In a small study to determine the best way to assess the operating skills of would-be orthopaedic surgeons, Johns Hopkins researchers found that tracking the trainees’ performance on cadavers using step-by-step checklists and measures of general surgical skills works well but should be coupled with ...[MORE]
Article 2338 American College of Surgeons: Simultaneous surgeries are inappropriate
Surgeons should not operate simultaneously on two patients in two different operating rooms, the American College of Surgeons says in its recently updated guidelines for surgeons. The group defined concurrent or simultaneous operations as those where “the critical or key components of the ...[MORE]
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Palmetto Hospital Trust (PHT) provides workers' compensation to the not-for-profit healthcare industry. Through an agreement with PHTS, the Trust focuses on risk management and reducing the losses of its members.