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Ebola shakes up health care
A famous saying holds no battle plan survives contact with the enemy and that certainly proved true of U.S. contingency plans hatched in anticipation of Ebola. The first encounter with reality swept away long-held notions, shattered reputations of prestigious institutions, and exposed how...[MORE]
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Article 2000 What the AHA sees on the horizon
The 2015 American Hospital Association Environmental Scan provides a broad overview of forces affecting health care and, like other overviews, it picks up on the powerful impact healthcare coverage is likely to have on the industry. Until very recently, the conventional wisdom was that ...[MORE]
Article 1999 Cancer by another name would be less scary
An advisory panel to the National Cancer Institute is calling for major changes in how cancer is detected, treated, and even talked about, but the panel has fierce critics, reports the Wall Street Journal. One suggestion being considered is giving a new name to cancers that are not ...[MORE]
Article 1998 Walmart expands healthcare presence
Soon after opening primary care clinics that provide care for $40, Walmart has jumped into the health insurance business in collaboration with DirectHealth.com. The world’s largest retailer announced recently that 2,700 of its nearly 4,900 stores in the U.S. and Puerto Rico will be staffed by ...[MORE]
Article 1997 Ebola: Providers rethink interventions
U.S. providers’ experience with the Liberian patient who died here has prompted the healthcare system to imagine what was considered unimaginable: withholding some medical interventions because they are too risky for doctors and nurses and unlikely to help a patient. Thomas Duncan was intubated ...[MORE]
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AlliedBarton understands the unique needs of healthcare facilities, and our many years of experience with healthcare facilities and the Joint Commission, as well as our membership in the International Association of Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS) enables us to handle every security situation with confidence. We have experience providing security for a variety of healthcare facilities from small, private medical offices to large complex public hospitals and medical universities. As the first security services company selected as one of Training magazine’s Top 125 training companies and the only to be selected for six consecutive years, AlliedBarton offers on-the-job, web-based, and ongoing training programs for all personnel.