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Group dangles rewards for whistleblowers
Under the tagline Get Rewarded for What You Know, the Washington, D.C.- based Corporate Whistleblower Center is inviting individuals to contact the center if they have very specific and provable information involving over-billing or otherwise defrauding the federal government, including suspected fraud in Medicare and Medicaid.

It asks: “Why sit on a winning lotto ticket without ever knowing what it could be worth?” The group specifies the suspected wrongdoing must exceed $1 million in over-billing or fraud. In order to receive a reward, potential whistleblowers must reveal the details only to the whistleblower center and not complain to their employer or contact the government or otherwise make the information public.

The center says “we are the national experts at taxpayer fraud, Wall Street fraud, and employee wage and hour abuse. If a whistleblower can prove their employer, or a contractor is defrauding the federal government, shareholders, or consumers, we will help the whistleblower package their information, and we will find the absolute best national caliber whistleblower attorneys to help them advance the claim. No other group in the world offers a service like this.”