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Media Releases

2012 PHTS Human Resources & Benefits Management Forum
On May 17, 2012 in Columbia, PHTS will present the 2012 PHTS Human Resources & Benefits Management Forum. The Forum will assist participants in serving healthcare leaders who demand cost containment and return on investment as well as employees who need innovative and comprehensive benefits from their organization. Our agenda for this year’s Forum will focus on issues facing healthcare human resources professionals and action items you can take back to your organization to support your efforts in continuous improvement.

Forum attendees will discuss:
  • Status and future of healthcare exchanges and their potential impact on your organization

  • Independent market variables that are affecting Health Care Providers, Commercial Payors, Medicare/Medicaid Payors and Employer communities

  • Different ‘path-forward’ scenarios and strategies that each of these communities are either contemplating or currently executing

  • Impact these strategies could have on the Health Care Delivery System as a whole

  • HR-related legal issues confronting your organization in the near future

  • Progress of the new group medical stop-loss program for SC hospitals

For more information or to register for this program, please visit our website at www.phts.com or contact Shawn Smith-Wingo, director of education & chief diversity officer at PHTS, at ssmith-wingo@phts.com.