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Media Releases

Free online reports on social media
Three reports exploring the potential and perils of social media are available free from Advisen FPN. Please see below for details.

Social Media: Business Gold Mine or Liability Landmine?
URL: http://corner.advisen.com/reports_topical_social_media_goldmine_landmine.html
Page count: 12
SUMMARY: Many firms use social networking websites to research job candidates and some to monitor employee activities. Online social networking can be a powerful tool for organizations of all types, but it also presents a bewildering and rapidly evolving web of liability exposures. Potential sources of liability range from copyright infringement to invasion of privacy to consumer fraud law violations.

Social Media Risks of Healthcare Organizations
URL: http://corner.advisen.com/reports_topical_social_media_healthcare_organizations.html
Page count: 10
SUMMARY: Healthcare organizations use social media as a marketing tool to increase their visibility and provide information to their patients. It is quick, inexpensive and allows an organization to respond to breaking news or provide information about an important event such as a drug recall. The Mayo Clinic, for example, has over 120,000 followers on Twitter. Approximately 500 hospitals use YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and blogging sites for physician education and collaboration. But healthcare organizations should be aware of the pitfalls to avoid monetary and reputational penalties.

Social Media: Employers' Liability for the Activities of their Employees
URL: http://corner.advisen.com/reports_topical_social_media_employers_liability.html
Page count: 9
SUMMARY: This report examines the risks faced by organizations for the social media activities of their employees, and offers practical suggestions for controlling those risks. While it can be an effective business tool, social media has also proven to be an easy way for employees to communicate sensitive or inappropriate information outside the organization, enhancing the potential for legal implications. Organizations are now finding that they are exposed to an array of liability due to the use of social media by their employees.