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Media Releases

iPads don’t always work well in hospital setting
Computerworld reports that a handful of clinicians at Seattle Children's Hospital tested iPads in the clinical setting and were not impressed.

"Every one of the clinicians returned the iPad, saying that it wasn't going to work for day-to-day clinical work. The EMR (electronic medical record) apps are unwieldy on the iPad," CTO Wes Wright told the magazine.

He says the problem is that EMR apps are just not built for touch-based devices with tiny screens. One app was designed to be used with a 21-inch monitor. "The clinical app takes up a lot of screen real estate so you can get the big picture view of the patient," Wright says. "The app is very point-and-click, mouse-and-keyboard driven."

Computerworld reports “many CIOs have complained about the user experience of a Citrix virtual desktop on an iPad. Simply put, desktop apps are made for desktops. Meanwhile, iPad users have to pinch and zoom field screens, input data with finger taps and the virtual keyboard, and then repeat this maddening process over and over. The end result: Employees use Citrix on the iPad as a last resort, these CIOs say.”