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Media Releases

Hackers reveal vulnerabilities
Recent media reports reveal not even the CIA is immune against cyber attacks, and neither are Google, Amazon, and the International Monetary Fund.

Now the good news. “These types of exploitations have occurred relentlessly for at least a decade, and the majority of the recent disclosures in the last six months have, in fact, been a result of relatively unsophisticated and opportunistic exploitations for the sake of notoriety by loosely organized political hacktivist groups, such as Anonymous and LulzSec,” says Dmitri Alperovitch, vice president, threat research at McAfee, which recently issued a white paper on the issue.

As Business Insurance reported, McAfee says the real worry is over attacks that are not publicized and the fact that virtually every organization, private company, and governmental agency is at risk.

The publication quoted Larry Clinton, president of the Arlington, Virginia-based trade association Internet Security Alliance, as saying the new threats are not from amateurs. “These are professionals, they are extremely well-organized, they are very well-funded, they are often state-affiliated and, most importantly, they are persistent.”

Separately, Risk & Insurance quoted a cyber and technology expert at Marsh as saying attacks that once took place maybe once a month are now happening every day, even several times a day.

Some observers note security firms publicizing cyber attacks are doing so at least in part to sell their products. “Most organizations have been well aware of the risks and have worked hard to put up strong defenses and educate their employees,” the publication said. As a result, the damage inflicted is not as severe.