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Diversity Council

Brian Teusink, Sponsor

Sheila Woodward, Chair

Jessica Bartley

Matthew Crowe

Liam Harruff

Cindy Moore

Cathy Redmond-Dilligard

Sarah Roberts

Erica Robinson

Suzanna Thomas
Interscope Consulting, Inc.
James R. Samuel, Ph.D.
Founder and President
Jan Barton, CPA
Senior Consultant

Mission Statement

Embracing Diversity, Increasing our Strength

We value and embrace our diversity, which encourages us to treat each other with dignity and respect, and enhances our ability to serve our clients.


The purpose of the PHT Services, Ltd. Diversity Council is as follows:
  • To develop and coordinate the diversity program.
  • Identifying the mission, vision, and training needs identified through the program.
  • The council provides an open forum for discussion of diversity issues at PHTS.
Valuing Diversity

James R. Samuel, Ph.D.
Interscope Consulting, Inc.
What is diversity awareness?  Several decades ago, an ever-evolving dialogue on diversity became so compelling that it transcended the halls of academia and found a place around executive conference tables at some of America’s leading corporations. Initially, those who were permitted to share in this nascent dialogue regarding the impact an increasingly diverse population would have on the future of American businesses possessed one of two contrasting views: proscriptive or prescriptive. Proscriptive leaders decided little needed to be done to prepare for the demographic changes and proceeded to follow parochial paradigms. Even though change was predictable and foreseeable, their approach was to adopt a reactive strategy and respond to changes as they occurred. In contrast, the prescriptive leaders adopted a somewhat more proactive approach to changes in diversity. They began to empower themselves and others. Diversity projections began to be included in strategic planning processes. Executives and managers sought systematic steps to prepare themselves and their organizations for a demographic shift within the workplace and within the marketplace. Hiring practices, human resource policies, and marketing plans began to reflect a growing awareness of the value of diversity. ...[Click here to view full article]