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PHLIP achieves 100% renewals
We are pleased to report that all eligible members of the PHLIP liability program have committed to renewing their membership for the 2014-15 policy year, a strong sign of support and loyalty. In addition, all members of the PHLIP stop-loss program with upcoming renewal dates have also committed to...[MORE]
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Article 1984 Military will step in if needed to care for Ebola patients
U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has ordered the U.S. Northern Command to assemble and train a 30-person expeditionary medical team that could step in to assist the CDC and U.S. hospitals in managing the threat from Ebola. The Pentagon said the team will be made up of personnel from various ...[MORE]
Article 1983 Malpractice case can proceed despite technical non-compliance
The South Carolina Supreme Court recently ruled that a malpractice case against East Cooper Community Hospital can proceed even though the plaintiff may not have satisfied all filing requirements. Vicki Wilkinson sued the hospital and other parties because of complications she suffered after ...[MORE]
Article 1982 4 unlikely hazards to patient safety
FierceHealthcare recently suggested that in order to improve outcomes healthcare leaders should take into account the following unlikely threats to patient safety: Physician and clinician stress, fatigue – Fatigue was a contributing factor in more than 1,600 events ...[MORE]
Article 1981 California considers drug testing for physicians
Under a measure which will appear on the ballot in November, California could become the first state to require doctors to submit to random drug and alcohol tests. “The stage has thus been set for a battle that is being closely watched by doctors across the country,” the New York Times ...[MORE]
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Aon Consulting is among the top global human capital consulting firms, with 2008 revenues of $1.4 billion and 6,300 professionals worldwide. Aon Consulting is shaping the workplace of the future through benefits, talent management and rewards strategies and solutions. The firm was named the best employee benefit consulting firm by the readers of Business Insurance magazine in 2006, 2007, and 2008.

Medical cost management, worker productivity improvement, a focus on general health and wellness, and the need to keep the workforce satisfied all combine to make managing health and welfare a complex and challenging issue. Aon Consulting treats health and benefits like an investment rather than an expense and builds a value-based business case to help its clients quantify the impact of a robust program. Moreover, as leaders in CDH design, Aon was one of the first companies in the United States to implement a CDH plan of its own—a clear demonstration of the company’s own innovation and leadership.

Aon Consulting has also developed an industry-leading toolkit of health and welfare tools and databases to guide your program decisions. This toolkit offers continually refreshed databases that bring an unparalleled level of efficiency to vendor identification and selection. Aon Consulting’s health and welfare toolkit includes industry-leading RFI databases that contain insightful information on several thousand health and welfare plans and vendors.

By employing the full spectrum of health management programs, including health promotion and wellness, chronic condition management and care/case management, you can identify and manage major healthcare cost drivers for your entire workforce population, regardless of individual health status.

Aon Consulting has unparalleled resources to help you develop effective strategies for your health and welfare benefit programs. National, regional, and local expertise allows the company to efficiently develop customized solutions to meet the unique needs of your organization.