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Broad implications from Sony’s plight
Sony Pictures faces expensive fines and expensive litigation after cyber attackers made public medical records and Social Security numbers of some of its employees and their dependents, along with credit card information, passwords, salary and other compensation, and details such as alcohol-induced...[MORE]
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Article 2027 Little impact seen from reducing physician work hours
Three recent reports conclude patient care in hospitals did not suffer or improve as a result of reforms that capped resident duty hours, and neither did the reduced hours adversely affect the quality of education and training the residents received. As JAMA explains, in 2011, the ...[MORE]
Article 2026 Skepticism over reported quality measures
Hospital-quality reports published on Medicare's Hospital Compare stir hospitals to improve performance, but at the same time many hospital officials wonder how authentic the quality reports are. "Although consumers may not be looking at [Hospital Compare] yet, the hospital executives ...[MORE]
Article 2025 Joint Commission consolidates standards
The Joint Commission has repackaged some of its existing standards into a leader’s guide to patient safety systems, reports Hospitals & Health Networks. The agency took the unusual step of publishing the chapter for free to anyone on an affiliated website. Publishing the chapter aims to ...[MORE]
Article 2024 A culture of safety
Dr. Robert Wachter, one of the most well-known experts on patient safety, recently shared his thoughts on the subject with an audience at a forum hosted by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. As reported by Fierce Healthcare, Dr. Wachter emphasized the role of top leaders in ...[MORE]
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